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Here’s the newest installment my people!Been working on this project for a good minute now.I produced all of the beats out of this full length album,except for the ones that are indicated.I really hope you guys dig it.Thanks to those who have been supporting me through out the years,I really mean that shit!!! ENJOY!,REBLOG & LIKE IT uno! -PyroSpoken

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Track List:(Life As It Is)2011

  1. Welcome
  2. Countdown
  3. Rise Up (Produced by:SoleFly)
  4. 5hit Rocks (Produce by:SoleFly)
  5. Goes On ft.Mosaek
  6. I’m Feelin
  7. I Won’t Go
  8. Left Heart (Produced by:SoleFly)
  9. Ways of Music ft.konkwest & Mosaek
  10. Strivin
  11. Kicking Goals
  12. KAYAK
  13. Spaces & Places ft.Strategy e.s(Produced by:Strategy e.s)
  14. No Rules
  15. One Six
  16. Purpoze #freestyle1 @Jmeezar
  17. Speak,Live,Believe
  18. Sometimes ft.Spitz1
  19. Time,Body,Soul & Mind
  20. Catch Us ft. MindPowerMikko
  21. Life’s Reason
  22. Coo Enough?(Bonus Track)

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    holy. moly. just listened to this project and it is definitely fire. 209 represent! super super super talented & this...
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    Support my fams right here. This is something you don’t want to sleep on. Brotha Pyro is mad talented!
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